Famous landscape photographers


Landscape photography is about capturing the world around you and doing it with as much detail as possible. This style may include taking large scale photographs of vast landscapes or close ups of objects in nature. A great landscape photographer should always be able to produce amazing shots. These are some of the famous landscape photographers both from history and even from our time;

1. Ansel Adams- He is one of the most famous photographers. He was born in 1902 and was actually preparing to be a professional concert pianist. However, the passion of photography took over and the rest is history. His photos of the Californian wilderness are stunning and speak volumes of his passion for the conservation of nature. He is also the pioneer of the Zone System, which is a system that comes up with photos with the greatest tonal range. He mostly used a large format camera that he used to take the breath taking large scale photographs of nature. His trademark was black and white photos.

2. Galen Rowell- He was also a conservationist and started out while still working on projects for National Geographic. He was also a climber and was highly regarded in the climbing fraternity. He got some of the most stunning shots while climbing and set new standards in lighting, filters and depth.

3. Edward Weston- He was a gifted photographer born in 1886 and raised in Chicago. Even from a young age, he showed interest in photography. A glimpse of his work can be seen in the eBook about landscape photography tips here. He would later move to California when he was 21. He started out in Soft focus pictorialism but changed his style to more detailed photography. A nude photograph that he took in 1925 and a photo of a shell he took in 1927 were as of 2013, the most expensive photographs ever sold.

4. Charlie Waite- He is one of the most profound photographers still working. His style is one of photographs that communicate calmness. He also uses a unique square format and a ‘painterly’ style of using light and shade. Before he got into photography, he worked in television and theatre for ten years. He is also a recipient of a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society.

5. Eliot Porter- He was a pioneer of full color photography and was already taking photographs since childhood. He started out taking photographs of wildlife and birds. His focus was on detailed shots and close ups. He published a highly acclaimed book in 1962 named In Wildness Is the Preservation of the World. It featured color images of the New England woods.

6. Peter Lik- He is well known for his panoramic images. He was born in Australia to Czech parents who had moved to the country after the Second World War. His interest in photography began when he got a camera for his eighth birthday. Peter Lik first experimented with panoramic cameras in 1984. Two of his photos have been inducted into the Smithsonian Institute; ‘Inner Peace’ which was a winner at the 2011 Winland Smith Rice International Awards and ‘Ghost’.

7. David Muench- He is a talented photographer who has published 50 books with some of his most famous photographs. He has worked for the Arizona Highways magazine for over fifty years. He was also commissioned to take photos of 33 large murals for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial documenting the Lewis and Clarke expedition. This was to include 350 smaller photographs. His photographs are known for beautiful and natural colors.

8. Jim Brandenburg- He began his career as a photojournalist and later on began his career as a landscape photographer with National Geographic. His work portrays his passion as an avid environmentalist and also features wildlife. He also published a best seller titled ‘White Wolf’ in 1980 that featured images of wolves on the Ellesmere Island. Additionally, he won the Magazine Photographer of the Year Award.

9. Bernhard Edmaier- he initially started out as civil engineer and a geologist. Most of his works are taken from above and show with detail the colors, textures and shapes of the surface of the earth. He is also a numerous award holder.

10. Luca Campigotto- He was born in Venice and his most famous works are of the city. He is also known for his photographs of the rural landscapes. He has also taken photographs in other continents and his works are in many collections both private and public.