Appreciating The Fine Arts of An Orchestra


The time to appreciate things in life usually comes at our very late age in life. We begin to appreciate friends, family & other meaningful things in life. However big or small – we begin to see. Personally, I have just started to appreciate something which is very uncommon to some; the orchestra. I love listening to all kinds of genres of music, but I haven’t been quite a fan of the orchestra, until I went & experienced it because someone offered me the tickets. Here’s a tip or two on how you too can appreciate the orchestra as much as I did.

Do not underestimate yourself. Some of us tend to think that the orchestra is somewhat only for the higher-class society. Come on, this is the millennium, there’s not such a thing as layers in society. Mind you, I had the same mentality too, but it wasn’t until I was at the show that I realized that there are many young people, who by their (ok our) dressing that shows we’re not from the ‘higher class’ society. Anyone, and I mean anyone from any class or race or age can enjoy the orchestra, as long as we have the ears for good music. But some people do get panic attacks when attending a show, so learning how to deal with anxiety can help.

Dress as comfortably as you wish. Before you go all ‘I don’t have anything fancy or formal to wear to the orchestra!’, let me let you in on a little something that I have witnessed myself when I was sitting in my seat, waiting for the show to start. I looked around to see if I was underdressed, and to my utter surprise I was feeling a little bit overdressed! I put on my best evening gown I could find – whereas others were in jeans, miniskirts, slacks, sneakers, flip-flops or anything under the sun which is comfortable that you can think of! Talk about feeling embarrassed!

Bottom line is don’t underestimate the meaning of true music if you haven’t experienced it yourself.